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Why choose Millomat? 

With more than 36 years into the business we have been actively machinery oriented. From Purchasing to repairs to knowing what is best for the industry. When we purchase our equipment, we stand behind it.

Listing our equipment below in order of operations available in step by step form. 


 Shipping and Receiving:

Brand new Toyota 6,600 LB  3 stage mast.  

were able to load and offload dock to ground

level. with the highest level of safety. 

Featuring an automatic mode control with an LED readout for blade tension, blade speed, blade height position, run time of the cut, blade drive motor amperage draw, part length, quantity required, piece count, job run time, total blade run time.

The S-23A miters from 90° to 60°. Featuring a 16″H x 20″W capacity at 90°, 8.8 HP motor, and 1 1/4″ blade, the S-23A automatic scissor style band saw is built solidly to give you maximum productivity.

Circular Cold Saws

Pivoting Style Saws

Cutting capacity up to 4-1/4”OD (115mm)

  • Fast, precise, and clean

  • Burr free and low dust: the self centering vise clamps solidly on two sides and holds the work piece in place to ensure a smooth, burr free cutting surface

  • Miter cutting: saw head can be swiveled in either direction for miter cutting; provides excellent angle accuracy and precision

  • Cooling system: electrical cooling pump and large cooling tank ensure an excellent working temperature on the saw blade and work piece (also ensure smooth cutting surface and longer blade life)


Best-in-class engineering performance, ease of use, and flexibility to process closed, open, or special shaped tubes. The BLM LTFIBER is the quickest machine in the market providing high accuracy and many more options that are available to ease the world of fabrication.

Technical information: 

* 6" diameter capacity.

* Processing materials: Mild Steel - Brass - Copper - Stainless steel 

* Max wall thickness 1/4 (.250)(6.35mm)

* Shortest material length:120" 

* Longest Material Length: 24FT (288")

* Fully automatic tube loading system With material length detection

* shorter lengths can be accommodated without automation (costly)

* Weld seam detection 

* Automatic tube centering. 

* Datum point programming. 

CNC Tube Bending 

  • CNC bending machines with capacities from 10mm – 90mm OD

  • Fully Automatic   (Automatic mandrel lubricating system)

  • Equipped with 3 programmable axis:  Feeding – Electric Servo; Rotation – Electric Servo; and Bending – Hydraulic (NC)

  • Standard with hydraulic pressure die assist and equipped with wiper; clamping and pressure die seats

  • Programmable early mandrel extraction system

  • Touch screen system and mobile control plus data storage and editing for multiple files

  • Quick tool change system

  • CNC programmable hydraulic bending precision up to +/- 0.2◦

  • Automatic spring back compensation

  • Data input by XYZ or YBC coordinates

Tube End Finishing. 

Our tube end finisher is great for closing ends on pipes and thicker gauge tubes. This is a cold formed process that seals air tight. 

This replaces welding caps on the end of tubes and welding them. The end finish speaks for itself. 

The DMC M950 wet is equipped with 2 drum polishing heads and a brush attachment to deburr edges.

being a wet machine, Cross contamination and warpage is better controlled than the old conventional style dry polishers. The machine specs are as follows:

Part width: 36" 

Part Thickness: .048 - 7.875" 

Materials: Steel - Stainless - Brass -Copper - Bronze - Aluminum.  

Our polishing department is fitted with many skilled hand polishers who have 15+ years in polishing experience. We do our best to eliminate time being spent on polishing parts by following the best methods of polishing. We also are capable of polishing round tubing from .500 diameter up to 4" max lengths of 24". when the demand grows we will grow with it. 


The welding department consists of 7 weld stations all fitted with Tig and Mig capabilities. Mig braze, Dedicated OTC aluminum welders and 3 RJ3 Fanuc Robotic Welding Systems.


5 Spot welding machines including seam welders with NC Controls.  

Mitsubishi’s Advance 800 EX-F series is the premier product in our FIBER line up. Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in industrial electronic controls. We are proud to announce we have 2 Fiber lasers 3KW and 8KW also a 3.5KW C02 Laser. 

Materials: Stainless Steel (up to 1")

Mild Steel (up to 1")

Aluminum (up to 1") 

Brass (up to 1/2 inch) 

We cut these on a regular basis and are not shy of trying! We know what machines we have and we use them! 

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