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Email Structure

With continuous improvement we strive to take Millomat to the leading edge of manufacturing, Most important of all “Customer Service”. 

          The list below is a guideline for email addresses and responses. The better they are followed the better we can service you.   

Order status

Material MTR’s

Material acquisitions

Key Notes for plant emails:

* For any MTR's they must be requested in the PO.

* Emailing for requests only. Verbal commitments are not acknowledged.

New orders.

Order Confirmations.  

Manufacturing orders. 

Packing Slips. 


Key notes: 

* Correct prices are to be on the PO. Any discrepancies will result in delays in order processing. 

* Any Po's with a $0.00 value will not be processed. 

* You will receive a confirmation on all orders prior to starting within 24 hours.(Weekends Excluded)

* Once an order is placed we are not able to add to it. A alternate PO must be provided for the                     difference with the revised dates.

Quality control. 

First offs.

PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)


NCR (Non Conformance Reporting)

Quotes – Estimates

Price updates

"ALL" drawing updates.



New product development

With a very knowledgeable staff who have been on the floor with advanced equipment. We design products to be most efficient both to achieve the most economic production process and price. We develop with solid works to allow us to make fewer test runs before production again saving time and money. Our goal is to develop product as fast as possible to allow our customers to get there product quicker and more efficiently.   

All the emails above are routed to the appropriate team members. Sending direct emails to your recipient may result in a delay or confusion in response.

If there are any questions or concerns your most welcome to email them to 

Preparing today for tomorrow's success! 

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